Information and Privacy Policy


True and Correct

- You agree that all information you provide for ePN is for purposes of


transacting business on / through our site is true and correct. Providing


fraudulent information is grounds for termination of participation and


could subject you to civil damages and / or criminal charges.

Personal information

- When using this website, you will be required to submit certain personal


information for account and billing purposes.

Account information

- If you use this site, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality


of your account and password and for restricting access to your computer,


and you agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under


your account of password.


Credit card information

- To use our site, you will be required to provide credit card information,


which we will store in a secure environment. Your credit card information


will only be transmitted to an appropriate credit card company during


order processing; it will not be disclosed to any other third party for any




Non-Disclosure (ePN)

- We will not sell or otherwise disclose your personal information to any


unauthorized third party.

As described in this Agreement, your


information will be disclosed in limited circumstances (e.g. for credit card


processing, for statistics and research, for complying with disclosure


requirements imposed by law or regulatory authorities on us, our affiliates


and business partners.



- You agree not to share personal information with other participants,


except as necessary to conduct business through this site. Sharing contact


information (including but not limited to phone numbers, email addresses,


instant messaging usernames, etc) with other participants, or attempting

to circumvent the bidding process associated with participation in this site (e.g. by obtaining contract information from another participant and then using that information to negotiate for transportation services outside of this site) is strictly prohibited.

We may amend this Information and Privacy Policy from time to time and the updated version shall apply and supersede any and all previous versions, including but not limited to, leaflets or hard copy versions.